3-6 Years Sensorial & Science Classroom Value Starter Package

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A great classroom starter kit! Save 5%. As an added savings, purchase of this kit qualifies for the lowest shipping rate! Only some of the items in Set are Pictured. Includes the following products:

S3018 Sound Box Set with Knobs

S9723 Arranging Short to Tall Puzzle

S9724 Arranging Narrow to Wide Puzzle

S9338 Peekaboo Sound Boxes

S6020 Wooden Tower Stand

S1240 Colored Sorting Cylinder Set/4

S9802K Sports Tong & Sort Kit

S8622 Tactile Turn N Match

S9924K Gem Color Sorting

N9906K Celebrate Winter: Mitten Tonging & Sorting Kit

S8450 Comfy Blindfold Set/6

S7664 Touch-Photo Memory Pairs Center

S1594 Wood Shape Matching Board

M5966 Fraction Shape Board

KS6071 Geometric Cabinet

S5362 Blue Geometric Solids Set/11

S5363 Bases for Geometric Solids

S9077K Mini Geo Solids Mystery Bag

S5365 Constructive Triangles

S5366 Blue Triangles Set (12 pieces)

S8324 Geo Hammering Set

N7792 True to Life Leaves Puzzle

N9714K Trees 3-Part Cards with Mini's

S9339 Weight Cylinders with Grips

S7617K Bag Full of Shapes with Embroidered Mat

S8591K 3-Dimensional Shapes Concept Book Set/6

S9818K Color Mixing Kit

N8593K 4 Seasons Sort Kit

N2872K Living & Non Living Kit

N5693K Plant/Animal Kit

N2873K Vertebrate/Invertebrate Kit

N8230K Vertebrate 3 Part Cards & Mini's

N8231K Invertebrate 3 Part Cards & Mini's

N8232K Climb, Fly, Swim 3 Part Cards & Mini's

N9627 Nut & Squirrel Memory Game

N9467K Animal Family Classification

N9732K Animal Species Sort & Classification

N8338K Animals Covering Kit

N9715K Organs  3 Part Cards & Mini's

N9662 Body Parts Memory Game

N9911 Birds 3-Part Wooden Tiles

N2444 Leaf Botany Parts Puzzle

N6435K Leaf Sorting Kit

N2481K Sink or Float Kit

N2879K Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Kit

N9460 Is it magnetic or nonmagnetic Book

N7721 Magnetic Match Rings

N8467 How a Chick Hatches Puzzle

N9883 Butterfly Butterfly Life Cycle

N9884 Duckling Ducking Life Cycle

N9885 Ladybug Ladybug Life Cycle

N9886 Tadpole Tadpole Life Cycle

N9887 Parrot Parrot Life Cycle


WARNING Choking Hazard - Small Parts