Language Cards: Comprehensive Photo Nomenclature Cards (Over 900 Photos) With Labels

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A one-of-a-kind book! It would be difficult to find a more comprehensive set of photo cards.

900+ labels and matching photos organized by theme and topics teach children to develop expressive and receptive language skills, increase vocabulary, enhance memory and observational skills, reading and are excellent engaging story prompts.

These photographs are incredibly effective visual teaching tools.

Includes word lists, teaching suggestions, activity ideas. Heavy paper-stock with easy to cut photos and labels for hands-on learning. Photo cards with labels measure 3 x 2-1/2". Purchase two sets for 3-part card exercises.

Themes include: Nature & Weather, Animals, Bathroom, Body, Clothing, Food, Transportation, Colors & Shapes, Rooms at Home, School Tools, Sign Language, Time, Kitchen, Food, Emotions, Furniture & Household Items, Holidays & Seasons, Money, Music, Actions/Verbs, Opposites, People & Family, Plasces, Positional Concepts, Traffic Signs, plus sorting chart grids and more! 240 pages.