3-6 Years Classroom Starter Value Package: Practical Life

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A great classroom starter kit! Save 5%. Only a portion of the items pictured.

KP7801 Package Includes:

P7802K Basic Pouring: Colored Rice Pouring Kit

P7803K Basic Pouring Kit:  Glass Creamer Water Pouring Kit

P7804K Basic Pouring Kit: Stainless Steel Water Pouring Kit

P7805K Basic Pouring Kit: Porcelain Pitcher Water Pouring Kit

P5219K Classroom Pouring Solutions Kit

P4094 8oz. Crystal-Like Plastic Creamer/Pitcher Set/2

P9730 16oz. Crystal-Like Plastic Creamer/Pitcher Set/2

P0005 White Porcleain Pitchers, 3oz Set/6

P7266K White Porcelain Pitchers, 8oz Set/6

P10132   3"H 4oz. Favorite Montessori Creamer Set/12

P10133 3"H 4oz Favorite Montessori Handle-Less Creamer Set/12

P0007 Stainless Steel Creamers Set/4

P8784 Color Waterproof Mats Set/6

P8783 White Waterproof Mats Set/3

P6576K Blue Ramekin Sand Pour Kit

P9458 Stainless Steel Small Bowl Set/2

P7204 Porcelain Fish Tray

P5118K Classroom Tray Value Assortment

P5902 Small Wood Tray with Extended Handles Set/3

P5370 Medium Wood Tray with Extended Handles Set/2

M5312 Large Wood Tray with Extended Handles

P6582 Small Wood tray with Cut-Out Handles Set/4 

P5642 Blue Plastic Trays with Extended Handles Set/4 2 Sets) Total 8 Trays

P5643 Green Plastic Trays with Extended Handles Set/4

P5644 Red Plastic Trays with Extended Handles Set/4

P5646 White Plastic Trays with Extended Handle Set/4 (

P5645 Yellow Plastic Trays with Extended Handles Set/4

P8067K Economy Pk Med Trays/14 (Assorted Colors of P0081)

P2193K Open & Close Container Kit

P7770K Folding Cloths Set/7 with Tray

P10264K Shoe Polishing & Clean Combo Kit

P8208K Table Setting Kit

P9475K Tropical Hand Washing Kit

P1785K Table Washing Kit

P9473K Dishwashing Kit

P8106K Flower Arranging Kit

P5324 Wood Cut-Up Set w/ Tray & Board

P2554K Cloth Washing Kit

P3098 Wooden Clothes Line

P8908K Operating a Dropper Activity

P6890 Laundry Wicker Basket Set/2

P10275 Moisture Resistant 16 x 11 Basket

P10276 Moisture Resistant 12-1/4 x 9" Basket

P8782K Fruit Slicing Kit

P2659K Cheese Slicing Kit

P2991K Banana Cut Kit (W Banana Slicer)

P10271K  Carrot Peeling Kit

P6944 Kitchen Large Knob Puzzle

P7910 Songs for a Practical Day CD

P9927 Montessori Environment: Anythings Possible CD

P5216K Classroom Value Dish, Bowls, Container Kit

P7320K Rice Pattern Bowls Set/10

P5179K Spoon/Scoop Assortment Kit

P0070 Clear Mini Ladle

P7053K Tongs & Tweezers Value Kit

P3037K Basket Assortment Set

P8532K Child-Sized Broom&Mop Set/6

P5376 Broom & Mop Stand

P7018 Metal Dustpan and Brush

P7668 Blue Mop Bucket W/Wringer

P1806 24 x 36" Natural Work Rug Set/10

P1807 29 x 36" Natural Work Rug Set/10

P9059 24 x 36" Blue Cotton Work Rug Set/10

P1804 Cotton Table Mats Set/5

P6408B  Blue Apron Set/2

P6408R  Red Apron Set/2

P6408Y   Yellow Apron Set/2

P6408G  Green Apron Set/2

P6408W  White Apron Set/2

P9524 Clear Plastic Bottles & Droppers, Set/12

P5389 Clear Glass Bottles & Droppers,1/2 oz. Set/12

P1794 3-Part Squeeze Bottles, 1/2 oz. Set/7

P1795 3-Part Squeeze Bottles, 1 oz. Set/7

P8354 2 Silver Bells

P8763 Solo Chime

A9988K Buddah Zen Natural Stone Board & Calligraph Set

WARNING Choking Hazard - Small PartsWARNING Laceration Hazard - Glass