Mathematics Classroom Value Package Starter 1: Primary & Kindergarten

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A great classroom starter kit!

Save 5% with this Package. As an added savings, purchase of this kit qualifies for the lowest shipping rate! Items vary from that pictured. List below are the included items.

KM7633 Includes:

M7888 Textured Touch & Trace Numbers

M8635 0-9 Wood Numbers Disks Stair

M9930 1-10 Wooden 2-Sided Count & Trace Board

M10184 Tactile Counting Stones

M10065 Math Blast 1-10

M9644 Dinosaur Bones Math Set

M9645 Dinosaur Match & Measure Activity Cards 

S10153K All Things Wood Sort & Count Kit

S10138 2-Sided Geometry Puzzle

M8474K Fish with Dice Kit Count

M8720 1-12 Wood 3-Part Tile Cards

M8373 1-20 Wood Number Puzzle

M8790 Bead Bar Stamps with Tray

M8409 0-9 Magna Board

M8701 Number Stencil Set 0-9

M5449 Numeral Cards Tablets & Box

M3008 Cut-Out Numerals and Counters

M8177K 1-10 Count-a-Butterfly Kit

M8186K 1-10 Count-a-Penguin Kit

M9433K Math Sort, Count & Sets Kit

M9168 1-10 Small Numeral Tile Set

M7987 Magnetic Two Sided Hundred Board Set

M6192 Introduction to the Decimal Quantity

M6193 Introduction to the Decimal System

M5402 Small Wooden Number Cards & Box (Two Sets)

M5403 Large Wooden Number Cards & Box (Two Sets)

M6422 Gold Box with 23 Ten Bars

M5312 Two Wooden Golden Bead Trays

M7622K Cat & Mouse Exchange Game

M2616 Teen Board Set

M6319 Teen Beads and Box

M2617 Ten Board Set

M6320 Ten Beads & Box

M0447 Base Ten Stamps

M6853 Bead Cabinet

M6347 Short Bead Chains Frame

M6345 Golden Bead Chain of 100

M6346 Golden Bead Chain of 1000

M6344 100/1000 Chains Frame

M6353 Short Bead Stairs with Green Box Set/5 Stairs

M6564K Wooden Bead Trays Set/3

M6342 Subtraction Snake Game

M6355 Negative Bead Stairs & Box Set/5 Stairs

M5458 Subtraction Strip Board

M6794 Small Bead Frame

KM6521 Volume Box, Cubes & Stand

WARNING Choking Hazard - Small PartsWARNING Puncture Hazard - Sharp