Body: Organs & Skeleton Triple Layer Puzzle

Body: Organs & Skeleton Triple Layer Puzzle

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Children get to explore inside the body on a level they can easily understand.

Each layer of this 3-layer wooden puzzle is a puzzle within itself. Children get to assemble the first layer puzzle of skeleton pieces, then the second of organs and lastly all of the child with clothing. This puzzle has been designed to teach children about the human body. This is not a puzzle of a girl or a boy but it is the depiction of a Human.

A beautifully crafted, precisely cut wooden puzzle that features attention to details sure to ignite any childs imagination.

My Body puzzle has been endorsed by teachers and is able to endure the daily wear and tear of a classroom and constant cleaning by teachers. The pictures don't peel off and they don't break. Truly a puzzle that will last and be able to be passed on to future generations.

44 pieces - 3 Layer - 15-3/4" X 7-7/8" Ages 3+

WARNING Choking Hazard - Small Parts