What Does a Wrench Do?

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Something for the budding mechanic—a picture book about wrenches. Even non-readers will enjoy this colorful book about a common tool, as the illustrations present wrenches in everyday situations that should be familiar to everyone.

The photographs fill most of the page with simple sentences below, making for quick and successful reading comprehension. Provides images of a variety of wrenches, defines the parts of a wrench, how they are used and what they are used for.

It's encouraging to see these tools being used by various people, from a girl helping to fix her bicycle, a woman working on a faucet, to a professional mechanic working on a vehicle. Not only is this a terrific resource for physics and reading, it is flexible enough to provide math concepts as well. Notice the shapes of a wrench's jaw, consider the differences and similarities in the wrenches presented in this book. Page 17 engages your creativity to think about the many ways wrenches help us.

There are attractive and useful pages describing a wrench, important safety measures that should be observed with any tool, and a glossary and index to find your way back through this 23 page book. Ages 4-1/2-8.