Infant: 8mo-16mo Classroom Value Starter Package

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help children build concentration, motor coordination and learning opportunities for children: 

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P9479   Clear Break-Resistant Pitcher/Cr Set/2

P9730   Crystal Like 16oz Pitcher Set/2

P7828  Clear Plastic Scoops Set/5

P8067K Economy Pack Plastic Trays Set/14 Set/2

P1804  Natural Cotton Mat Set/5

P1806   24x36 Natural Work Rug Set/5

P9929   Baby's Exploration Board

P9939   Baby's First Latch,Bolt,Lock

P0039 Clear Tulip Bowls Set/2

P9830K Toddler Chopstick Kit

S9152   Natural Shape Stacker

S8722   Weighted Spheres Balancer

S9748   SpinAgain

S9006   Short-Long Shape Sorter

S9828   3-Level  Bench Shape Sorter

S9651 Transportation Cube Stack Puzzle

S9422   Triangle Wooden Stacker

P9180 Little Chef Soft Activity Book

S10079  My First Jumbo Photo Animal Puzzle: Farm

S10080  My First Jumbo Photo Animal Puzzle: Wild Animals

S10164 My First Jumbo Photo Animal Puzzle: Pets

S9864   Birdy 3 Piece Puzzle

S9619   Car Tray Puzzle

S9978   Kitty CatTray Puzzle

S9969 Doggie Baby Walker 

S9970   Bird Wonder Walker

P9114   Becoming My Own Me

P9001   Dressing Boy Puzzle

P9002   Dressing Girl Puzzle

S9378   Chick&Egg Life-Cycle Puzzle

S8877   Pound and Tap Bench

A9044   Rhythm Set for Little Hands

S9372   Wood Owl Sorter

M8831 Counting Stacker

S9374 Chicken Nest & Stack

S9074 Double Rainbow Stacker

S9765 Peekaboo Animals Nest,Stack

S9971 Bike Ride-On

S8827 First Shapes,Colors,Match Puzzle

S8605 Peacock Curves

S9972 The Hen House Pounder

A8639 Nest & Stack Xylophone

I9974 The Hungry Pelican 

I9974 Turtle Ball Pit