Toddler: Practical Life Classroom Starter Value Kit 16 mo - 24 mo

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help toddler develop concentration, motor coordination and numerous learning opportunities for children:  Save 5% with this Package! Only one picture in kit is shown.  Text is accurate.

KT9946 Includes:

P9165 Nest & Dress Skills Cloth Doll

P8261 Round Colorful Washable Baskets Set/5

P8268 Round Black Washable 8-1/2 x 2-1/4” Basket

P8267 Elliptical Black 9 x 3-1/2 x 2" Washable Basket

P8264 Round Natural 7 x 5 X 2''Wipe Clean Basket

P8265 Round Natural Handwoven 10 x 1-1/2” Wipe Clean Basket

P9492 Ellipse Natural 7 x 5 X 2'' Wipe Clean Basket

P8785 Elliptical Natural 9 x 4 x 2" Wipe Clean Basket

P1804 Natural Cotton Table Mat Set/15

P8354 Silver Metal Bell

P0039 Clear Tulip Bowl Set/2

S9925 Rubbery Pinch Bowl Set/4

P9479 Break Resistant 11 oz Creamer/Pitcher Set/2

P9157 Glass Look-A-Like 6 oz Creamer/Pitcher Set/2

P9730 Crystal Look 16 oz Pitcher Set/2

P9929 Little One's Exploration Sensory Activity Board

P9939 First Latch, Lock & Bolt Exploration Activity Board

P9878 Jumbo Sewing Button

P1806 Natural Work Rug 24 x 36" Set/5

P9059 Blue Work Rug 24 x36" Set/5

P9920K Table Setting Kit (NO Glass)

P9114 Becoming My Own Me CD Songs to Celebrate The Developing Toddler

P9615 Toddler Nail Brush Set/2

P0030 Animal Nail Brush

P7500 Lotion/Soap Holder

P9879 Clear Spray Bottle with Trigger Sprayer

A1140 Pipettes Set/20

P9524 Clear Plastic Eye-Dropper & Bottle Set/6

P8532K Child-Sized Broom & Mop Set

S9862K Sensitizing the Fingers Kit

CV-PA86364 White Dishcloths Set/3

P9115 Silicone Colored Funnel

P7828 Clear Plastic Scoops Set/3

P9921 Jumbo Tweezer Set/12

P6944 Kitchen Theme Large Knobbed Puzzle

P7804K Basic Pouring Kit with 2 Stainless Steel Creamers

P9830K Infant/Toddler Chopstick Kit

P9938K Mashing Potato/Banana/Avocado Activity

P9810 Little Chef Activity Book

YD1029 Dollhouse Motor Home

P8067K Plastic Medium Sized Colored Value Trays Set/14

S9160 Wooden Flower Sort/Snack Tray

S9161 Wooden Car Sort/Snack Tray