Toddler: Practical Life Classroom Starter Value Kit 24 mo-36 mo

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help toddler develop concentration, motor coordination and numerous learning opportunities for children:  Save 5% with this Package! Only one picture in kit is shown.  Text is accurate.

 KT9947  Includes:

P8261 Round Colorful Washable Baskets Set/5

P8268 Round Black Washable 8-1/2 x 2-1/4” Basket

P8267 Elliptical Black 9 x 3-1/2 x 2" Washable Basket

P8264 Round Natural 7 x 5 X 2''Wipe Clean Basket

P8265 Round Natural Handwoven 10 x 1-1/2” Wipe Clean Basket

P9492 Ellipse Natural 7 x 5 X 2'' Wipe Clean Basket

P8785 Elliptical Natural 9 x 4 x 2" Wipe Clean Basket

P3037K Basket Assortment Set

P9903 Willow Collage/Sort Tray/Basket with 5 Sections

P1804 Natural Cotton No Fringe Mat Set/10

P1806 Natural Cotton Work Rug 24 x 36" Set/5

P1807 Natural Cotton Work Rug 29 x 42" Set/3

P9059 Blue Cotton Work Rug 24 x 36" Set/5

P6253 Adjustable Carpet Sweeper

P2020 Plastic Dustpan & Whisk Broom

P9496K Value Water Resistant Apron Pack Set/5

P5179K Spoon/Scoop Value Assortment Kit/8

P8354 Silver Metal Bell

P7910 Songs for a Practical Day CD

P0039 Clear Tulip Bowl Set/2

S9925 Colored Rubbery Pinch Bowl Set/4

P9458 Stainless Steel Small Bowl Set/2

P9479 Break Resistant 11 oz Creamer/Pitcher Set/2

P9157 Glass Look-A-Like 6 oz Creamer/Pitcher Set/2

P9730 Crystal Look 16 oz Pitcher Set/2

P8159 Glass Look 3 oz Charming Creamer Set/2

P9156 Porclain-Like 3 oz Creamer Set/2

P1646 Plastic Handless Creamer Set/2

P3023 Clear Holder Set/3

P9847 Heart Shaped Stainless Steel Display Holder

P9846 Classic Style Stainless Steel Display Holder

P1527 Circular Tongs

P9115 Colorful Silicone Funnel

P7828 Clear Plastic Scoops Set/3

P9921 Jumbo Tweezer Set/12

P9335 Toddler Friendly Mixer & Bubble Beater

P9878 Jumbo Sewing Button

P9165 Nest & Dress Doll

P9001 Boy Dressing Puzzle

P9002 Girl Dressing Puzzle

N9377 Weather Dress Puzzle

S7713 Little House, Big Key

P9928 Locks, Latches & More Activity Board

YH1004 Bear Nuts & Bolt Activity

S6601 Color Soft-Sorting Food Bags

P9114 Becoming My Own Me CD Songs to Celebrate The Developing Toddler

P9615 Toddler Nail Brush

P9453 All Purpose Mini Nail Brush 

P0030 Animal Nail Brush

P7500 Lotion/Soap Holder

P9879 Clear Spray Bottle with Trigger Sprayer

A1140 Pipettes Set/20

P9524 Clear Plastic Eye-Dropper & Bottle Set/6

P8532K Child-Sized Broom & Mop Set

S9862K Sensitizing the Fingers Kit

CV-PA86364 White Dishcloths Set/3

P8515 Blue Speckled Pitcher for Hand Washing Set

P1050 Blue Speckled Basin for Hand Washing Set

P8784 Waterproof Colorful Translucent Mats Set/6

P6944 Kitchen Theme Large Knobbed Puzzle

P9820 My Cutting Fruit Puzzle & Cutting Board

P7804K Basic Pouring Kit with 2 Stainless Steel Creamers

P6814K Green Ramekin Sand Pouring Kit

P9830K Infant/Toddler Chopstick Kit

P9876K Window Washing & Mirror Cleaning Kit

P9787 Easy-Fill Plastic Watering Can

P9938K Mashing Potato/Banana/Avocado Activity

P2652K Stainless Steel Punch Bowl Set

P9920K Toddler Tablesetting Kit

P8067K Plastic Medium Sized Colored Trays Set/14

P5642 Blue Stackable Tray Set/4

P5643 Green Stackable Tray Set/4

P5645 Yellow Stackable Tray Set/4

P5646 White Stackable Tray Set/4

P5370 Wooden Medium Tray Set/2

S9160 Wooden Flower Sort/Snack Tray

S9161 Wooden Car Sort/Snack Tray

P8525 Crystal Glass Look Trays/Dishes 3 Sets (9 Trays/Dishes)