Infant: 0-8mo Classroom Value Starter Package

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help infants build concentration, motor coordination and learning opportunities: 
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S9455 Mr Magic Rattle

I9962 Baby Car

I9964 Bell Rattle

I9965 Mirror Baby Book

I9966 Sensory Tumbling

I9968 My First Matryoshka

I9967 Tipsy Tommy

I9973 Baby Gym

I9975 Build an Inchworm Blocks

I9976 Twisting Crab Baby Grasping Toy

I9977 Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy

I10001 Hedgehog Clutching Toy

I10002 Fish Clutching Toy

I10003 Mobile Rainbow Balls

I10007 Baby's First Blocks

I10005 Water Play Mat Penguin

P1806 Natural Cotton Rugs 24 x 36" Set/3

P9615 Toddler/Baby Nail Brush Set/2

P8261 Washable Colored Baskets Set/5

I10006 Happy Quartett Sound Cubes

S8851 Baby Barkless Tree Blocks Set/12

I9990 Sea & Discover Door Jumper