Butterflies: Another Important Pollinator

Jun 10, '21
This week we will study another pollinator: butterflies. This is the perfect time to add this curriculum into your classroom or school. Children will love to learn about butterflies and the metamorphosis they experience.



Butterflies are another important pollinator in our ecosystem. They go from flower to flower spreading pollen to promote the growth of flowers and fruit. Monarch butterflies make migrations from Canada to Mexico in their effort to pollinate and return to the nesting sites of their ancestors.

When starting the discussion in your classroom begin with the following questions: How do butterflies grow? Why are butterflies so colorful? How do they pollinate?

These questions are perfect jumping off topics for circle time. Follow up with a discussion of the butterfly life cycle and explain how butterflies change from egg, to caterpillar, to chrysalis, and finally to a butterfly. You can use our free worksheet to promote further understanding and discussion.

Butterflies come in all shapes and sizes. Their color depends on their location and what animals share their habitat. Different wing patterns help protect the butterfly from predators and attract a mate. Explore different types of butterflies with the Replicas: Butterfly Assortment Set.

Butterfly Math

Incorporating the theme of butterflies into the mathematics area of the classroom is easy with the Pictorial: Count-a-Butterfly Kit. This work allows children to practice their numerals 1-10 and associate the quantity of butterflies to the dots on the provided cards. This work guides children to use butterfly manipulatives to practice their one-to-one correspondence while also associating quantities to the ten frame.

This work provides several opportunities for extensions by including cards that have both grids and dots. It can be used to teach a multitude of different mathematical concepts such as even and odds, simple numerical association and the deeper abstracts of symbol recognition. This irresistible tactile work will be used over and over by all children in the classroom.

Click here to get the free worksheet.


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Replicas: Butterfly Assortment Set

Pictorial: Count-a-Butterfly Kit


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