Early Writing & Practice

Jul 29, '21

In this week’s newsletter, we are focusing on preparing the language curriculum of the classroom for early readers and writers. We will also suggest ways to add both gross motor and fine motor exercises to promote learning through movement and tactile experiences.

Early Writing and Writing Practice

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Are your children home for the summer? Do you want to promote writing practice and stay true to what they are learning in their Montessori environment? Or do you run a summer program and want to give your language area a few new works?

Whatever your needs may be, there are many different Montessori language works you can introduce to your children this summer. 

A favorite work of the Montessori classroom are the Metal Insets. The Metal Insets are a series of metal shapes that match the shapes of the letters of the alphabet. When using the metal inlay and frame, the child practices the fine motor movements and motions they need to use when forming letters. In the classroom, the teacher demonstrates the motion of each shape and uses the proper pincer grip to guide the child toward future success with the work. Children are often drawn to this work because of its color and tactile interest of the Metal Insets. Add some new interest to the work with an assortment of colored papers you can place in the Metal Inset paper stacking set.

After a child practices tracing a shape with the metal insets, guide them to the Pin Punching work. This next step in fine motor practice helps the child use small, focused movements to punch out the shape they previously traced.

This week’s worksheet includes the outline of each of the metal inset shapes, allowing individuals to practice this work with the pin punching set even when they are away from the classroom.


Vocabulary practice

Introducing work that aids in vocabulary development is an important step of language development in a child. Pre-readers and early readers benefit greatly from learning the names of objects in their environment. Aid in this development by using objects that relate to items around the house. With one set of objects, you can do fun exercises such as iSpy and What’s Missing? Another activity is isolating the beginning sound of a word to aid in the development of phonemic awareness. No matter what early language work you are doing with your child, using a variety of objects will be a fun and enjoyable experience.

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