Food Prep and Science

Jul 29, '21

Hello, and happy summer! This week, we are focusing on food preparation and science experiments for the classroom.

As children experiment in the science area of the classroom and create snacks for themselves and their friends in the practical life area, tools can go missing or easily break. Now is the perfect time to see what needs replacing and preparing for the next school year.

Food Prep and Baking Projects

Food Prep

Anyone who has been in a classroom or home with preschoolers knows how much they love snacking!

In the Montessori classroom, snacks are often prepared by the children themselves. Food preparation is a great work and teaches children how to control the fine motor movements needed to cut a banana or spread nut butter on a cracker. Plus, they get to share the joy of food preparation with a friend as they practice their grace and courtesy skills. After a year of the pandemic, many classrooms and organizations are excited to get back to this wonderful part of the Montessori classroom.

One of Maria Montessori’s goals when creating curriculum was to make the work accessible to all children and students of any age. This is very important when children are developing their fine motor skills. In the food preparation area, make sure your room has the proper tools and utensils children need to be successful with all their baking and food preparation endeavors. Replacing these essential tools now will lead to a successful implementation in the fall, so make sure to take inventory in your classrooms this month.

Science Experiments and Classification Sets

Does your school run a summer camp or have larger thematic units in the summer?

Implementing science lessons and experiments into your classroom could be the perfect addition to your curriculum. Science experiments are always a joy to do in the classroom but the set up and gathering of materials can take too long for busy teachers. Buying complete sets makes classroom implementation easier. Begin the new season with an exploration of water. A sink and float experiment is a great start for any classroom. Through the lesson, teachers are able to explain the process of comparing two variables while teaching children how to explain what they observe. Other great classification sets to implement are Living vs. Non-Living and Plant vs. Animal. These works all help children learn how to classify objects based on one variable.

This week’s worksheet is a T- Chart that can be used for many different types of science experiments and classification jobs. In this packet, we give you two to start that relate to the science experiments and works above, sink and float and living vs. non-living. Feel free to use the blank one for anything you may need to compare!

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