Montessori Math Material Giveaway!

Montessori Math Material Giveaway!

Apr 11, '224 comments

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Montessori N' Such is celebrating spring with a Math Material Giveaway! Enter your email for a chance to win! Share on social media for more entries. The math materials you could win are as follows:

  • S5363 - Geometric Solids & Bases  
  • S5362 - Geometric Solids set/11,
  • M6649 - Fraction Skittles,  M6832 - 1-20 Wooden Tile
  • M9168 - 1-10 wooden tile
  • M6192 - Intro to Decimal System
  • M6320K - Tens Bead Box & Exchange Game
  • M216K - Teen Board Set
  • M2617 - Seguin Ten Board Set
  • M6795 - Large Bead Frame
  • M6342 - Subtraction snake game   

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adriana Banks on Feb 20, '24

I wok for a Montessori school in an immersion class from 3-6

Elvira Rodriguez on Jun 11, '23

I would love to build up my math section of my class.

Lavern A White on Apr 19, '22

we are a start up UPK 3k/4k program in St. Albans, Jamaica NY and we are struggling all over the place with funds. Our capacity is 70 children but we only have 9 children because we were permitted after all schools opened in September 2021. Plus, at every corner there is a daycare, school and church with a UPK 3k and 4k program. zit is is really tough out here. $500 would mean we can purchase items for our graduation including a bouncy for the family field day we will have in June 2021. Please consider our school: Elmcor Rising Scholars ( Elmcor Youth & Adult Activities Inc), 172-17 Linden Blvd, St. Albans, NY 11434. Thank you, Dr. Lavern White, Education Director

Lori Shimizu on Apr 13, '22

I am a new teacher in a public Montessori school, still building my classroom. This math giveaway would help my students so much!!

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