Nature Walk

Jun 5, '21
Nature Walk

As the season of spring begins, new signs of life awaken our world and classroom. Here are some ideas to help bring the love of learning about spring into your classroom.

“The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.”

Dr. Maria Montessori


Now, more than ever, children need nature education. In the wake of Zoom classes and tablets, the need for an immersive nature experience is more important than ever. Let’s begin by connecting our children and schools to the natural world. Works like True to Life Leaf Puzzles and collecting items found in nature into baskets can help inspire children to ask questions about the natural world while reinforcing lessons taught in and outside the classroom.

Add a Nature Basket on the shelf and include items found in nature during playtime and nature walks, and a magnifying glass to help children explore the items inside the basket. Children may want to draw pictures of or write notes about the natural materials they observe.


Using the Senses

using the senses - touching a tree

While exploring nature, ask the children to observe the world around them by using their senses. What do you see, smell and feel? What do you hear if we all stand silent for a moment? (If you have safe edible plants available, invite in the sense of taste as well.)

Allow the children to safely touch nature as you explore. Children will discover the softness of a flower bud, the roughness of tree bark and the smoothness of an acorn. Ask them: Is nature full of mostly smooth or rough items?

Once you are done enjoying your walk outside, reconnect at circle time as a group to discuss what was discovered outside. Spring nature walks are a wonderful way to immerse children in a world that is waking up after a long winter nap, and it can lead to some great discussions for your classroom.

Have fun, and enjoy your time reconnecting with nature as a class.

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