Practical Life in the Classroom

Jul 2, '21

For the month of June we have focused on restocking the classroom as we prepare for the end of the 2020-2021 school year. This week, we are focusing on the Practical Life area of the classroom.

Care of the Environment


In the Montessori classroom all children learn how to use a work properly and return it to the place they found it before moving on. Cleaning up after themselves not only helps to keep the classroom clean, but also helps the child complete an entire work cycle and learn how to focus on one thing at a time. Care of the environment is a valuable section of curriculum in the practical life area of the classroom.

Help your students develop this skill with containers and cleaning caddies which ease the task of creating a new care of the environment work. For example, the dish washing set is perfect for a classroom with food prep work and snack time that is served and prepared by the children of the classroom. It will teach the children wonderful care of environment skills while also keeping the classroom clean.

Throughout the year it is a good idea to have options when switching out practical life works. A simple way to keep interest in a job is by switching out the color or type of beans used in a transferring job or by dying the water a certain color in pouring jobs. Another great way to give an old job new life is by incorporating fun scrubbing brushes that relate to the season or a topic in the classroom.


Restocking Practical Life Works

The Practical Life area of the classroom has a lot of moving parts. Keeping track of every pouring vessel and all of the transferring tools and bowls can be tricky. Now is the perfect time to look at the quality of items you have for the practical life area of the classroom and restock and replace where necessary.  The tongs and tweezers used throughout the year can easily break or get lost as students practice developing their fine motor skills of transferring. Now is the time to replace these important tools, so your classroom is ready for the next year.


Enjoy this summer-themed scissor cutting worksheet. The variation of lines on the page will help your students practice their fine motor skills and scissor cutting skills.


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Dishwashing Kit


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Animal Brushes

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