World Map Montessori Mosaic Poster

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This mosaic is based on a classic Montessori material from the geography area of the curriculum - the world map - is one of our most popular. The tiles that comprise the larger picture are photos of Montessori works from across the curriculum and other meaningful images.

Maria quotation: "The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind."

All of our mosaic prints are original works created by the shop owner. They look great in the classrooms, offices, and other environment. They also make thoughtful and unique teacher gifts.

Each mosaic is printed on smooth semi-gloss poster paper, which is designed to help minimize glare.

Print Size: 20"x16" - unframed

Note: Actual mosaics do not contain watermarks.

"Beautiful! This is my 7th Montessori Mosaic print. Visitors to my classroom are always amazed at the beauty and are shocked when they see that each mosaic is made from photos of Montessori works! Love, Love, Love these prints! I wish they made these prints in greeting cards of post cards!"