Earths Wonders: Introduction to Landforms Series/4


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Through amazing photos and text these fascinating books explain to young children why the land on Earth has different shapes in different places. They will wonder at Earths majestic examples of continents, mountains and valleys and learn how mountains and islands form, what animals may be found on each landform to when Oceans meet Land. Includes special words to know and index
Each Paperback book has 32 pages. Includes 4 titles. 4+.

Descriptions below for each title:
Introduction to Landforms:
This fascinating new book explains to young children why the land on Earth has different shapes in different places. Amazing photographs and illustrations show examples of continents, mountains, valleys, plains, and caves, as well as the forests, animals, and water that may be found on each landform.

Volcanoes on Earth:
Dramatic photographs of spewing and flowing lava will capture the attention of any child. In this fantastic new book, children will be excited to learn what a volcano is and what makes it erupt.Simple explanations describe the different kinds of volcanoes, including cinder, cone-shaped, shield, and composite as well as the different kinds of lava and the land formations they create on land and under the ocean. Other topics include the reason volcanoes often erupt during earthquakes, why giant tsunami waves are sometimes created by underwater earthquakes, and how volcanoes are studied in order to predict and prepare for eruptions. Children will also enjoy making their own volcano out of household materials.

What Shapes the Land?
In this fascinating book children will learn about how mountains and islands form from volcanoes, how wind and rivers create canyons, how rivers and streams create underground caves, how ocean waves shape coasts, and how glaciers make valleys. They will enjoy looking for rock formations in the shapes of animals, trees, and even ghosts!

Earth's Mountains:
Young readers will be fascinated to learn about how mountains are created and change. Through breathtaking photographs, they will wonder at Earth's majestic mountains and meet some of the people and animals that live in the often-harsh environment so high above the ground. Topics include mountain ranges, volcanic mountains, folds and faults, kinds of rocks, rock erosion, mountain weather, plants and animals, people and mountains, and great mountains on Earth.