Land/Air/Water: Climb, Fly, Swim 3-Part Cards With Objects

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Sort, categorize, classify and match these 6 different animal objects (cat, snake, bird, fly, fish, frog) to it’s own illustrated card. The 6 animal illustrations are works of art that children will adore and the objects add a very special appeal. Includes headers for Climb, Swim and Fly . For added value use the items for Land, Air and Water sorting as well.

Set includes 6 animals (2 for each category), 3 cards for each animal and, 6 miniature animals. Some miniatures are an exact match to the illustrated card while others vary in color, type or design but are in the same family as the illustrated card. Use the pictures and miniatures for vocabulary building and sorting activities. Use all of the cards with beginning readers: read a word label, match it to the miniature or picture only card, then use the control card to check the work. Items vary depending upon availability. Cards measure approximately 2-1/2" square. Storage bag included.