Phonics Spinners & Objects Kit


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Our Super-engaging phonics kit gives early learners a hands-on way to practice vowel sounds, consonant sounds, develop word recognition and decoding skills for children at all levels of language development. Practicing initial vowels, initial consonants, digraphs, double letters and r-controlled vowels just got a lot more fun with our interactive language kit! They get to spin and generate words and explore the irresistible 3-D objects.

You get a set of:

  • 4 spinners

  • 4 double-sided boards with phonetic sounds

  • 38 irresistible miniatures that correspond to each of the phonemes on the boards.

Teachers can also use their creativity and come up with additional fun games to teach reading and spelling skills with these tools.
The following letter sounds and objects are in set (objects subject to change):


a: ant
e: egg
i: instrument
o: octopus
u: umbrella

ai: nail
oo: tool
oa: soap
ee: wheel
igh: light bulb

d: dog
b: ball
r: ring
h: hot-dog
f: flag
l: lizard

ss: cross
ng: hanger
ck: chick
ff: giraffe
ll dollar

t: timer
p: penguin
m: monkey
g: golfball
n: number

ur: turtle
air: hairclip
ear: bear
ar: star
or: corn

s: seal
m: marble
n: nut
p: pencil
t: telescope

ch: cherry
sh: shark
th: thread