Writing: Puppy Pencil Sharpening Kit

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No more dull pencil points with this favorite puppy! Kids won't be able to resist cranking the puppy's tail to sharpen pencils (plus it's great for small motor skills).

This excellent made sharpener has suction cups for the paws and makes it much easier for young children to use. All of the shavings fall into the little drawer below the puppy's tail allowing the child to remove the drawer to empty.

Please note that it is normal for the suction cups to make small blemishes on tray (just as when using a cutting board marks will occur). To remove suction cup dog from tray or other smooth surface, DON’T PULL UP ON DOG. Rather insert fingernail under each suction cup one at a time.

Kit includes Puppy Sharpener, 4 Doggie Themed Pencils (design varies), Wood pencil holder, Brush to help remove shavings, Dish for shavings, and Tray (P0081). Colors vary, sorry no choice.