Sewing: Embroidery Variety of Stitches


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Learn how to embroider while actually making a beautiful craft piece with our high quality materials for an exceptional embroidering experience. Get tangled up in the magic of embroidery, learning stitches and making an item.

Instructions include clever steps for learning ten basic stitches: Running stitch, blanket stitch, herringbone stitch, french knot, and more - Each one features a grid that matches the included cloth with solid and dotted lines to show how the needle moves on both sides of the fabric. Use one of the cloth pieces to practice each stitch. Then, grab one of the templates and start creating a beautiful, embroidered picture of a butterfly or owl. There's even an embroidery hoop to make it all amazingly easy! Once the pictures are finished, you can grab the stuffing and sew the fabric pieces together into your own mini pillow or bag.

Once the completed item is made, simply purchase more of the replenishables (embroidery floss, fabrics, stuffings) for more practice and discover more embroidery possibilities.

Includes embroidery hoop, 3 sheets of embroidery canvas (2 for making bag or pillow, 1 for practice), 2 outline templates, 2 plastic needles (extra safe), 6 spools of colored embroidery floss, pillow stuffing.Includes embroidery hoop and 2 templates to embroider pictures of butterfly and owl, 6 spools of embroidery floss colored orange, purple, yellow, pink, green, blue.

Encourages fine motor dexterity, following instructions, logic, creativity. , cross stitch. Detailed instructions Finished craft measures 5.5 x 5.5 inches. 5+ to 10!