Tongs and Tweezers


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These tools help children to develop vital fine motor skills while adding extra appeal to transfer activities. They are to be used only with adult supervision.


P1527 (B) Circular Tongs measure 6-1/2” L x 1-1/2” D, made of a very sturdy Stainless Steel. Perfect for ice ball work!

P1759 (C) Clear Sturdy Acrylic Tongs, 6-1/4” L. Sturdy tongs have a grid on the inside to help grasp items. Excellent with our ice balls and for food serving (e.g., spaghetti).

P1487 (D) No longer available.

P1797 (E) Sturdy Wooden Toast Tongs, 6-1/2” L.

P2397 (F) Stainless Steel Oblong Tongs. Sturdy tongs with an interesting shape, handles are squeezed together which then opens the oblong top portion — perfect for our ice ball work!

P0062 (G) Stainless Steel Huller 2-1/4 L x 7/8” W. Each

P2101 (A) Spring Tongs, measure 8" Long. Press on the top plastic end and a four-prong metal tong is exposed to allow picking up small objects such as ice balls, pom-poms, beads and buttons.