3-6 Years Classroom Starter Value Package: Practical Life Extension Item#KP7806-APPRX AVAIL MID AUGUST

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A fabulous collection of appealing practical life extensions bound to add charm, interest and lots of learning opportunities for children!

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KP7806 Package Includes:

KP7811 A Years Supply of Porcelain plus the following:

P9763K Basic Pouring 5

P7809K Water Pouring Extension Kit

P5869K Mr. Foot Pipette Transfer Kit

P7212K Rice Pattern Teaset & Tray Kit

P2652K SS Punch Bowl Set

P7765K Rack and Tube Kit

P7435K Frog & Lily Pad Kit

P10210K Hand & Foot Transfer Kit

P6815K Sand Pouring Extension Kit

P2420K Window Washing Kit Set 2

S10319K  Clay Hammering Kit

P10211K Fruit Peeling/Juicing and Serving Kit

P9937K  It's Tea Time!

P10549 Green Watering Can

S9541  My First Loom

P8208K Learning to Set a Table Kit

P1759 Clear Acrylic Tongs

P9782K Wood Shirt Button Sewing Kit

S8450 Comfy-Fit Blindfold Set/6 (6 Different Colors)

P10542 Wooden Square Cut-out Tray

P9474K Mat Galore Kit

P7423K 4-Color Mat Transfer Kit

P1570 Wooden Sew N' Sew

P6408R 2 Red Weather Resistant Aprons

P6408Y 2 Yellow Water Resistant Aprons

P6408B 2 Blue Water Resistant Aprons

P6408G  2 Green Water Resistant Aprons

P6408W 2 White Water Resistant Aprons

WARNING Laceration Hazard - Glass


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