A Years Supply of Porcelain: Pitchers, Dishes & More Practical Life Primary Classroom Starter Package

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This all porcelain child-sized practical life essentials of pitchers, creamers, dishes and bowls has been designed to make a teacher's life just a wee bit easier throughout the classroom year and saving money at the same time!

Save 5% with this Package! Only Porcelain Pitchers in set pictured.

KP7811 Package Includes:

P0005 White Pitcher, 4-1/2 oz, 24 Pitchers

P7401K White Creamer/Pitcher,(5 oz, 4"H) (2 Sets), 24 Pitchers

P7266K White Pitcher, 8 oz Set/12 

P7310K White Pitcher, 16 oz Set/12 

P7501 Chinese Rice Pattern Tea Set

P7312K Scalloped 2-Sided White Dishes, Set/6 

P7295K White Ramekins 2 oz, Set/12

P8798K Porcelain Shape Dish Set, 5 Dishes

P7306K Blue Ramekins 4 oz, Set/6 

P7320K Rice Pattern Dishes, 3-3/4" Dia., 20 Dishes

P7319K Porcelain Fish Tray Set/6 

P7315K Porcelain Mortar & Pestles Set/6 

WARNING Laceration Hazard - Glass