Mathematics Classroom Value Package Starter 1: Primary & Kindergarten

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A great classroom starter kit!

Save 5% with this Package. As an added savings, purchase of this kit qualifies for the lowest shipping rate! Items vary from that pictured. List below are the included items.

KM7633 Includes:

M7888 Textured Touch & Trace Numbers

M8635 0-9 Wood Numbers Disks Stair

M9930 1-10 Wooden 2-Sided Count & Trace Board

M10184 Tactile Counting Stones

M10065 Math Blast 1-10

M9644 Dinosaur Bones Math Set

M9645 Dinosaur Match & Measure Activity Cards 

S10153K All Things Wood Sort & Count Kit

S10138 2-Sided Geometry Puzzle

M8474K Fish with Dice Kit Count

M8720 1-12 Wood 3-Part Tile Cards

M8373 1-20 Wood Number Puzzle

M8790 Bead Bar Stamps with Tray

M8409 0-9 Magna Board

M8701 Number Stencil Set 0-9

M5449 Numeral Cards Tablets & Box

M3008 Cut-Out Numerals and Counters

M8177K 1-10 Count-a-Butterfly Kit

M8186K 1-10 Count-a-Penguin Kit

M9433K Math Sort, Count & Sets Kit

M9168 1-10 Small Numeral Tile Set

M7987 Magnetic Two Sided Hundred Board Set

M6192 Introduction to the Decimal Quantity

M6193 Introduction to the Decimal System

M5402 Small Wooden Number Cards & Box (Two Sets)

M5403 Large Wooden Number Cards & Box (Two Sets)

M6422 Gold Box with 23 Ten Bars

M5312 Two Wooden Golden Bead Trays

M7622K Cat & Mouse Exchange Game

M2616 Teen Board Set

M6319 Teen Beads and Box

M2617 Ten Board Set

M6320 Ten Beads & Box

M10298 Wooden 1-10 Counting Board with Counting Balls

M10299 Wooden Teen Counting Board with Counting Balls

M0447 Base Ten Stamps

M6853 Bead Cabinet

M6347 Short Bead Chains Frame

M6345 Golden Bead Chain of 100

M6346 Golden Bead Chain of 1000

M6344 100/1000 Chains Frame

M6353 Short Bead Stairs with Green Box Set/5 Stairs

M6627 Wooden Bead Stair Tray

M6629  Wooden Double Bead Tray

M6342 Subtraction Snake Game

M6355 Negative Bead Stairs & Box Set/5 Stairs

M5458 Subtraction Strip Board

M6794 Small Bead Frame

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