3-6 Years Classroom Starter Value Package: Science & Nature Item# KN7700

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help children build an understanding of Science concepts along with developing concentration, motor coordination and lots of learning opportunities for children!

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KN7700 Science & Nature Includes:

N2872K Living & Non-Living Kit

N9905 Living or Nonliving Book

N5693K Plant & Animal Kit

N2873K Vertebrate & Invertebrate Kit

N8230K Vertebrate 3-Part With Laminated Cards & Objects

N8231K Invertebrates 3-Part With Laminated Cards & Objects

N10274K Vertebrate & Invertebrate Kit with Wood Labels

N8232K Climb, Fly, Swim (Land, Air and Water) Animals & Cards

N9467K Animal Family Classification Kit

N9732K Animal Species Kit

N8338K Animals Coverings Kit

N9715K Organs 3-Part Cards & Miniatures

N9962 Body Parts & Clothing Memory Game (Spanish & English)

N9911 Bird Wooden 3-Part Tiles 

N2277 Wood Snail Puzzle

N6435K Leaf Sorting Kit

N2481K Sink or Float Kit

N2879K Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Kit

N9460 Magnetic and Nonmagnetic Book

N7721 Magnetic Match Rings

N10048 Life Cycle Magnetic Puzzles Set/4

C9892 Grasslands Layer Puzzle

YH1043 Big Knobbed Farm Puzzle

N9880 Owls of North America Jigsaw Puzzle

N6981 Butterfly Life Cycle Stamp Set

N9884  Life Cycle Book Series Duckling

N9885  Life Cycle Book Series Ladybug

 N9048 My Solar System Center 

N10247 Moon Phases Wooden Puzzle

N9995 Seasons Multilayer Puzzle

N10443 Four Seasons Layer Puzzle

N8593K 4 Seasons Sorting Kit

 N6391K Tumbled Stone Kit

N10283 Magnetic Seasons

S10442 Grandma to Grandpa Layer Puzzle

N6501K Butterflies Book Set/4

N9906K Winter Mitten Sort & Tong Kit

S9163K Garden Theme Sorting Kit

N6550 Pond Life Set

N9413 Underwater Magnifier Explorer

N9336  Preschool First Microscope

N9823 Seed to Apple Multi-Layer Puzzle

N7645 Seet of Strawberry Multi-Layer Puzzle

N7792 True to Life Leaves Puzzle

N9714K Trees 3 Part Cards with Miniatures

N9482K  Tree Bark & Wood Grain Kit

N9912K Landform Book Set/4

N8611 Rock Classification Kit

WARNING Choking Hazard - Small Parts