3-6 Years Classroom Starter Value Package: Science & Nature

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help children build an understanding of Science concepts along with devoloping concentration, motor coordination and lots of learning opportunities for children!

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KN7700 Science & Nature Includes:

N2872K Living & Non-Living Kit

N5693K Plant & Animal Kit

N2873K Vertebrate & Invertebrate Kit

N8230K Vertebrate 3-Part Wood Cards & Objects

N8231K Invertebrates 3-Part Wood Cards & Objects

N8232K Climb, Fly, Swim (Land, Air and Water) Animals & Cards

N9467K Animal Family Classification Kit

N9732K Animal Species Kit

N8338K Animals Coverings Kit

N9715K Organs 3-Part Cards & Miniatures

N9962 Body Parts & Clothing Memory Game (Spanish & English)

N9911 Bird Wooden 3-Part Tiles 

N2444 Leaf Knobbed Botany Puzzle

N6435K Leaf Sorting Kit

N2481K Sink or Float Kit

N2879K Magnetic/Non-Magnetic Kit

N9460 Magnetic and Nonmagnetic Book

N7721 Magnetic Match Rings

N8467 How a Chick Hatches Puzzle

N9627  Nuts & Squirrel Memory Game

YH1043 Big Knobbed Farm Puzzle

N9880 Owls of North America Jigsaw Puzzle

N6981 Butterfly Life Cycle Stamp Set

N9983 - N9886 Life Cycle Book Series (Butterfly, Duckling, Ladybug, Tadpole)

N9048 My Solar System Center 

N10247 Moon Phases Wooden Puzzle

N9995 Seasons Multilayer Puzzle

N8593K 4 Seasons Sorting Kit

 N9728 Magnetic Seasons

N10283 Magnetic Seasons

N10175 Seasons Wooden Sorting Set

S6499K Colors in Nature Set/4

N9906K Winter Mitten Sort & Tong Kit

S9163K Garden Theme Sorting Kit

N6550 Pond Life Set

N9655  Mother & Baby Pregnancy Multi-Layer Puzzle

N9823 Seed to Apple Multi-Layer Puzzle

N9825 Root to Carrot Multi-Layer Puzzle

N7792 True to Life Leaves Puzzle

N9714K Trees 3 Part Cards with Miniatures

N9482K  Tree Bark & Wood Grain Kit

N9912K Landform Book Set/4

N8611 Rock Classification Kit

WARNING Choking Hazard - Small Parts