Songs for a Practical Day CD Created by Montessori Teacher & Musician

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An exciting CD co-authored by a Montessori teacher and a musician that will be a big hit in any classroom!

Children will love singing along with songs that are about their everyday classroom work, learning environment, and songs to help explore their world !

The catchy "rolling up a rug" song is perfect to introduce at the beginning of the year and will continue to be loved throughout the year. Song topics also include a celebration of life song, the continents, solar system, walking on the line, people doing their jobs, manners, the days of the week, months of the year and more!
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Includes 19 different songs, titles listed below:
1. Hello Have a Fine Day
2. Celebration of Life
3. Strummin' Path
4. Ebb and Flow
5. Walk the Line
6. People Do Their Jobs
7. Intro-365 Days in a Year
8. Days and Planets
9. 12 Months in a Year
10. Manners Are so Cool
11. Intro-Seasons Rock
12. Seasons Rock
13. Roll Your Rug
14. Intro-Pangaea and the 7 Continents
15. Continents
16. Continents - Video Version
17. Lizzy the Lizard
18. Dinosaurs
19. Goodbye Have a Fine Day