Language Cards & More: In, On,Under...Laminated Photos & Software

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These are the most beautiful language cards we have seen. They seem to come alive, almost like a piece of art! You get 3 photos for each preposition which makes it easy to do 3 period lessons.

Set includes photo cards of a girl, a boy and a butterfly for each of the ten prepositions. Pronoun activities can also be implemented with this set.

With 30 photographic cards, this set covers ten concepts: in, on, under, in front, behind, next to, through, above, below and between. Laminated cards have rounded corners and measure 8-1/4 x 6".Easy to use CD-ROM software will enable teachers and parents to create color photo language cards, reading games, lotto boards and more. Includes ideas for using the card images with SMART Notebook, PowerPoint and others.