Science Classification Mineral Kit

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This is a great way for your future geologist to study minerals up close and hands-on! Discover the mysteries of common mineral types.

This sturdy boxed set includes basic tools and a guide for learning to test, classify, and identify the 15 mineral specimens using the magnifier (to test for hardness), streak plate (to test powder color) and instructions. Each of the specimens has distinct physical characteristics that represent the full spectrum of mineral types.Set includes minerals, magnifier, nail and tile for testing and activity guide.Minerals included are: Fluorite, Microline Feldspar, Hematite, Pyrite, Milky Quartz, Calcite, Muscovite Mica, Magnetite, Alabaster Gypsum, Talc, Pyrolusite, Biotite Mica, Graphite, Satin Spar Gypsum and Selenite Gypsum specimens.

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