Lacing: On the Farm Lace, Match Tactile Set

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Practice makes perfect with this delightful wooden lacing/threading game designed for individual work or with a friend.

Toddlers can lace the adorable farm figures using the"needle" or use the figures to match or follow the 4 wood pattern templates. When two play this dexterity game, they take turns pulling the figures out of the bag with the attached "needle" and guess the item by feel. A great value learning set for ages 1-1/2 and up. Includes 2 "needles" attached to a cord to help beginners with control for easy lacing, 1 cow, 1 calf, 1 horse, 1 foal, 1 cloverleaf, 1 flower, 1 milk churn, 1 horseshoe, 4 templates, 1 tactile cloth bag. Wooden items are made of beechwood. Cow is 2-1/2" high. Ages 1-1/2+.