I Can Count on You CD: Songs of Belonging

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This wonderful collection of songs celebrate the relationships in a child's life that support their development. Creative, soothing catchy, fun songs that kids and teachers will love! The songs promote important behaviors.

Lyrics of one song are below:
One, two, three, I can count on you. Four, five, six, I can count on you. For all I need to make it through, Seven, eight, nine, ten, I can count on you. One, your lots of fun. Two, here's for all you do. Three, you give your love to me. Four, who could ask for more. Five, I'm glad you're alive. Six, here's for all you fix. Seven, you're a piece of heaven. Eight, you're great. Nine, I'm glad you're mine. Ten, I can count on you again and again!

Songs of Belonging consist of the following twelve song titles:
Friends, Hands, My Family, A Tree and Me, I Can Count On You, Look Up, Me and You, One World, Somebody Loves Me, Someone to Talk To, The Sharing Song, Together Time. Sorry, No returns if opened.