Super Toddler Pegs Set

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Perfect for tiny hands, these large-sized pegs are easy to handle and affix to the pegboards.

Presented in 4 assorted shapes that come in 4 different colors. Toddlers can make exact reproductions of the various models and patterns or focus in on the basic concept of interlocking as well as make their very own creative patterns.

Each of the 4 pattern cards fit easily on to the transparent pegboard. Encourages creativity while building motor, visual discrimination and cognitive skills.

Also available is our Super, Super Peg set (sold separately) that includes more pegs, larger board and additional patterns are available for the Super, Super set only.

Contents include:
Board, 4 cards and 32 Pegs.
Durable plastic, washable and hygienic.
Board: 12 1/4" x 81/4"

Ages 2-5 years.