Colors Frame Puzzle With Control Mat: Blue Item# S9367

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This superb puzzle is perfect for helping early learners focus on a particular isolated color. Each puzzle consists of 6 puzzle pieces providing a super visual experience of a basic color.

The pieces are perfectly sized for little hands and have the added benefit of being made of a thick, flexible plastic that is easy to lift out. The brightly colored details also offer plenty to look at and talk about. Ideal for developing coordination and dexterity as well as general knowledge.

Includes a control mat for children to place the pieces directly on the mat for matching purposes. The frame assists little one's in keeping the puzzle steady.The gorgeous plastic puzzle pieces are made of a soft material, with an excellent printed quality that can endure the daily wear and tear of a classroom and constant cleaning by teachers. The pictures don't peel off and they don't break.

Ages 2 years and up.