Dinosaur Measuring & Match Bones Only

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These Dinosaur Bones are guaranteed to cause a lot of excitement! Each set of 16 bones includes eight different lengths to introduce the concept of measurement, doubling and halving. Children can easily visually and tactically compare and see that putting together two or more bones is the same size as a different sized bone.  For example, put the 3 and the 1 bone together, and then place the same size bone (4 bone) alongside to compare.
These tactile Dinosaur Bones are made from a unique mix that offers durability in the rough and tumble of an early years setting. Children will love searching for the bones if you bury them in sand or soil (not included) or even sink them in water thus creating opportunities to develop and practice the descriptive language of measurement whilst they explore. 

Includes 16 Dinosaur Bones in 8 lengths.  Activity Cards (M9645) are sold separatly or purchase our value pack of bones and cards (KM9654).

Ages 3 and up.