Bag of 10 Red Vowel Dice

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Our bag of dice includes a set of 10 dice that can be used for numerous language exercises to enhance the learning of initial and medial sounds and for word building. Each die features a different vowel on each of its six sides (a, e, i, o, u and y). 

Some ideas include the following:

Utilizing fun and engaging ways, the die can be introduced to practice and reinforce vowels through finding objects either in a basket or in the environment that begin with the sound that is rolled. For example, if the die lands on "e" on the top, the child looks through the basket or walks around the room to find an object or objects that begins with "e".  The next level exercise is for the child to locate the letter "e" itself (either with a moveable alphabet letter or using the sandpaper letter) and place the corresponding objects under the letter.  This can be done with initial as well as with medial words.

Another way to practice initial sound work with the vowel die is to roll the die and say a word that begins with the vowel that lands on top.  This works well for small groups of children to practice initial sound work.   Each child can roll the name a word or they can take turns rolling but with each roll, every child has to come up with a word. 

Children can also simply practice writing the letter that is rolled or words that begin with the rolled sound.
Ages 3+

WARNING Choking Hazard - Small Parts