Knitting: Lil Hands Animal Hook-N-Loop

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Our Animal Lil Hands Hook-N-Loop is a new twist on knitting spools to make it sooo easy! Instead of nails on top our animal set has 4 wooden dowels on top of the large (5-1/2") animal plus only fingers needed (no Needle), making it perfect for the young child to learn early knitting skills.

This old-fashioned craft toy was once called a "French Knitter" and made out of an old wooden spool with 4 nails on top. Our adorable animal set allows a safe and easier way to create a "snake like" tube that can be coiled and sewn together to make a small rug, hat, baskets etc...

As children fine tune motor skills and hand-eye-coordination, they will also reveal their inner artists – and have a final product they can be proud of! All supplies are included: hardwood animal, picture instructions, and yarn. 4+