Multi-Layer Nesting Puzzle: From Seed to Banana 5 Layer Wood

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Bananas grow on evergreen shrubs and are harvested while they are still green because they only ripen and become yellow after picking. They are very healthy and easy to carry because nature has packed them already. Banana milkshakes and banana ice cream are particularly delicious. of each other. the cognition of context as well as the . A hands-on approach that illustrates the growth process from seed to banana is shown in this 5 layer puzzle.

The 27 piece puzzle scene has been silk screened on to smoothly sanded wood with a beautiful finish. 5 layers to enhance the benefits of sorting, spatial placement and manual dexterity, while exploring the beautiful transformations that occur in nature. Measures 7.1 x 8.1 x 0.9" 3-1/2+