Sensory Discovery Animals

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These beautiful sculptures will charm the children with their tactile nature and are ideal for sensory play. The set consists of eight figures - a bear, an owl, a bird, a whale, a fish, an elephant, a mouse and a rabbit (measuring between 26-75mm high).

Once children have had the opportunity to feel each animal and explore it, various activities can be introduced. The animals can be sorted and matched by different criteria including color, habitat and characteristics, promoting language and discussion.

Each piece is created from a unique stone mix and can be used outside. Suggested activities include sorting and matching, story telling, creating a home/habitat for each animal, going on a treasure hunt and using the animals for a mystery bag exercise. Included is a cotton drawstring mystery bag.

These engaging animals will be a great springboard to learning more about life in the wild, what animals are in your own environment and how children might better care for them. Age 2+.