3-6 Years Classroom Value Starter Package: Music & Art

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help children build an appreciation of art while developing concentration, motor coordination and learning opportunities for children: 

Save 5% with this Package! Only one item in kit is pictured.  Text is accurate.

KA9943 Includes: 

S9818K Color Mixing Kit

S9410 Color Mixing Flask

L6624 Sand Writing/Drawing Tray

L8168 Sand Tray Pattern Cards Set

A9944 All-in-1 Easel

P9797 Little Painter Apron & Art Accessories

A8988 Large Magnetic Mosaic Flowers

S8959 Flower Multi-Solution Puzzle

S9532 Rings and Sticks

A7089  Large Felt Pads For Punch Pinning (3 Pads)

A7867 Small Felt Pads For Punch Pinning (3 Pads)

A1851 Wooden Stylus/Puncher Set/12

L9866BL Black Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866BR Brown Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866DB Blue Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866GN Green Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866OR Orange Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866PR Purple Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866R Red Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866S Silver Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866W White Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866P Pink Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866GR Gray Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866LB Light Blue Premium Colored Pencils/12

L9866GL Gold Premium Colored Pencils/12

A8974 Wooden Grip Shape &  Pattern Brush Set

A8975 Paint & Clay Palm Printer Set/4

A8983 Paint Effect Stampers Set/6

N7254 Flower Rubbing Plates Set

S8849 Tactile Shape Rubbing Plates

N6122 Leaf Rubbing Plates Set

N9404 Nature Inspired Stencils

L9331 Wooden Stencil Box Center

S8717 Free Form Magna Board

A9630 Glue & Goo Spreaders

P2100 Glass Droppers Set/12

S9541 My First Loom

P9352 On My Own: Art Step-By-Step Cards

S9538 GeoBoard Bead Dazzle

A8994 Blue Paint Explorers

A8995 Red Paint Explorers

A8972 Creative Textile Art Tools Set 

A7100 Girls at the Piano Masterpiece Puzzle for Young Children

A6456 The Dance Class Masterpiece Puzzle for Young Children

A6851 Still Life Sunflowers Masterpiece Puzzle for Young Children

A6282 Starry Night Masterpiece Puzzle for Young Children

A7153 Water Lilies Masterpiece Puzzle for Young Children

A8837K Artists Picture Softcover Storybooks Set/5

A8113K Life & Work Softcover Series Set/9

A8022 Great American Master Artists for Kids

C9789 Children of the World A-Z Art Cards

A9457 Happy Harp

A1705 Classroom 15 Player Instrument Set

A9137 Instruments from Around the World Set

P9743K Value Pack Fast Food Trays Set/17

P8880 Colorful Plastic Trays Set/4

A8229K Instrument 3-Part Laminated Cards with instrument Miniature Objects

S8303 Instrumental Sounds & Photos