Toddler: Value Package Classroom Starter Kit: Music & Art 24 mo-36 mo

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help children build an appreciation of art  and music while developing concentration, motor coordination and learning opportunities for toddlers from 24 mo to 36 mo. Only one item in kit is pictured.  Text is accurate.

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KAT9948 Includes:

A9369 Toddler Easy Grip Crayons Set/6 (3 Sets of 6)

A9370 Toddler Crayon Refill Set/6 (3 Sets of 6)

P9469K Aprons: Easy On/Off Value Pack Set/5

A8972 Creative Textured Art Tool Set 1

A8973 Creative Textured Art Tool Set 2

A8994 Blue Paint Explorers

A8995 Red Paint Explores

A6455 Children on the Beach Puzzle

A6851 The Sunflower Van Gogh Puzzle

P0858B Black Smooth Surfaced Tray

P0858W White Smooth Surfaced Tray

P0858PY Pastel Yellow Smooth Surfaced Tray

P9743K Fast Food Trays Assortment Value Pack of 17 Trays

S9711 Sensory Stones Set

 Arranging Multi-Color Circles & Quantities

S9861 Gear Stacker Puzzle

S9764 Color Palette of Cylinders

S9637 Blue Color Puzzle

S9640 Yellow Color Puzzle

S8905 Color Mixing Lenses

P8910 Twisty Droppers Set/4

S9649 Toddler Super Pegs Set

S10138 2-Sided Geometry Puzzle

S9988 Toddler Magnetic Flower

S9611 Rainbow Color & Building Set/20

S9999 Build & Stack Elephants

A9081 Musical Wooden Tree

A10018 Owl Percussion

A10019 Mighty Mini Band

A9333 Instruments Sound Puzzle