Toddler: Value Package Classroom Starter Kit: Music & Art 16 mo-24 mo

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A fabulous collection of appealing manipulatives that will help children build an appreciation of art and music while developing concentration, motor coordination and learning opportunities for toddlers from 16 mo to 24 mo. Only one item in kit is pictured.  Text is accurate.

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KT9949 Includes:

A9369 Toddler Easy Grip Crayons With Holder Set/6

A9370 Crayon Refill Set/6

S9649 Super Pegs Toddler Set

S10221 Perception Semispheres: Color and Sensory Exploration Set/8

S9637 Learning the Color Blue No Tear Puzzle

P8261 Round Colorful Washable  Baskets

P5642 Blue Stackable Trays Set/4

P5632 Green Stackable Trays Set/4

P5646 White Stackable Trays Set/4

N9349 Toddler Animal Skins Rollers: Paint, Clay & Stamp Set/4

A9371 Toddler Paint & Clay Mushroom Stampers Set/4

S9153  Colored Shape Stacker

A10017 Solid Wood Drum

S9861 Gear Stacker Puzzle

S9999 Build & Stack Elephants

S8877 Musical Pound and Tap Bench