Six-Nine Years Classroom Starter Value Package Art

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KEA9950 Elementary Art includes:

A7529 Paul Getty Museum Close Up Game

A8022 Great American Artists

A9771 Montessori Pink Tower Stamp

S8717 Free Form Magna Board

A8988 Mosaics Flower Magnetic Set

A9985 Wishing Stone with Brush Set

N9482K Trees: Bark & Grain Laminated Photo Cards & Labels

A9628 Jelly-Like Paint Pad & Tray

S9332 Tapestry Weaving Loom

S7019 Knitting Mushroom

P9814 Knitting Rake

A9981 Quilting Made Easy: Flower Set

A9982 Quilting Made Easy: Butterfly Set

P9504 Paint Rack

A9980 Double-Sided Tabletop Easel

A6558 4 in 1 Music Board

A6559 Felt Music Notes & Signs Set

L9866BL Black Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866BR Brown Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866DB Blue Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866GN Green Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866OR Orange Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866R Red Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866PR Purple Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866S Silver Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866W White Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866P Pink Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866GR Gray Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866LB Light Blue Colored Pencils Set/12

L9866GL Gold Colored Pencils Set/12

S8806 Create Your Own Matryoskhas Set

P9900 Wooden 5-Sectioned Collage Tray

C5425 Animals Around the World Draw Write Now Book

P9629 Heart PIpettes Set

S7782 Squiggly Pipettes

L9331 Wooden Stencil Box Center

L8131 Artful Reading Book

P5642 Blue Stackable Tray Set/4

P5643 Green Stackable Tray Set/4

P1480BG Beige Fast Food Trays Set/6

A8113K Life & Work Artists Series Set/9

A2104 Camille and The Sunflower Hardcover Book

A2105 Degas and the Little Dancer Book

A2623 Picasso and the Girl with a Pony Tail Hardcover Book

A5790 Suzette and the Puppy Hardcover Book

A6457 Magical Garden Claude Monet Hardcover Book

A6734 Rockwell: A Boy and His Dog

A9951 Paint Spritzers Set

A9952 Sewing, Painting or Stitching with Textured Paper Mesh

A9953 Japanese Kirigami Paper Cutting

A9954 Really Big Origami Paper

A9955 Around the World Paper Collection

A9956 Global Village craft Papers

A9957 Mix & Match Emotions Stencils

A9958 Diorama Scene Creation