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This set of 12 phonetic nonfiction sound readers introduce the first 21 letter sounds with plots. 

Highly recommended sequential sets for early readers. All of these phonetically controlled stories help children learn, practice and apply phonics — independently and with growing confidence. Students will practice decoding with the phonetically controlled vocabulary.

The readers start out with very, very simple CVC words with each reader, progressing to one sentence on each page (Books 1-10). The text also introduces simple words only decodable words and then adds a few words using "ck", "ss", "ff", "ll"  words as the books progress. Book 11 adds a few longer phonetic words along with 2 sentences per page. Book 12 features 3 sentences per page.  Every story has been written with a strictly controlled text, so that children are only exposed to those letter sounds that they have previously learned.

This Non-Fiction series uses full color photography throughout. Books also point out any new sight word such as "the", "I") Beautiful photography adds tremendous appeal to the books. The books also feature dyslexia friendly font and backgrounds. Set of 12 books.

Book Titles include:
1. Tap, Tap, Tap (Includes sounds: s, a, t, p)
2. A Man Sits (Adds Sounds: i, n, m, d)
3. Dog on a Mat  (Adds sounds: hard g, o, c, k)
4. The Sun is Hot (Adds sound h)
5. A Rat Runs (Adds sounds, e, u, r, ck)
6. Bug in a Bed (Adds sounds b, ss)
7. I am Fit (Adds sounds f, ff, l, ll)
8. The Log Hut (Reviews)
9. A Hug and a Kiss (Reviews)
10. A Hen's Egg (Reviews)
11. A Rabbit and a Carrot (Adds longer phonetic words) 12.
Get off the Bus! (Reviews)

Phase 2 Books Set/12.