1Montessori Phonics Readers: Pre-Reader Beginning Sounds NonFiction Set/ 12

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Pre-readers Phonemic awareness nonfiction readers are designed for teaching and reinforcing the understanding of sounds in words. Set includes 12 themed nonfiction readers each illustrated with photographic images. Each book includes 8 pages. This book set is the companion book to our Montessori Phonic Readers (L10084, L10085 and others).

Each page uses the sound that is being introduced in a short, simple sentence.  Includes a beautiful photograph of the item and sound that is featured. For example in Wheels that Move book: The sentence is "B is for bus" with a corresponding photo, the next page is "T is for train" and so forth.

Titles and letter sounds for each book is as follows and includes the  lower case letter and it's corresponding upper case letter.

1. Wheels that Move features: b, t, s, d, c, j and a.
2. Bugs Alive features: c, d, s, b, g, a and w.
3. Baby Animals features: k, p, c, f, d, j, and l.
4. Under the Sea features: s, t, f, w, c, j, and o.
5. Growing Vegetables features: c, l, b, t, p, g, and r.
6. Baking Bread features: f, y, s, w, d, t, b.
7. Sports Day features: f, r, l, h, j, d and we.
8. Musical Instruments features: p, g, v, h, m, s and k.
9. My Pets features: c, d, r, m, f, l, and t.
10. Outer Space features: r, l, a, m, s, p and g.
11. Dancing Divas features: b, j, d, t, c, h, r.
12 Games Galore features: s, h, c, m, j, d, and f.

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