4Montessori Phonics Readers: CVC Short Vowel Decodable Readers Set/20

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This delightful collection of 20 short vowel CVC readers focuses on presenting phonetically decodable text to help children build their phonological processing and ability to read for meaning. The illustrations are fun and appealing. Each book consists of 8 pages.

Build reading skills and confidence with this set of 20 little readers.
Easy sight-words such are added to each story.   At the front of each book the list of sight words is provided.

Includes a guide detailing learning objectives along with various activities. 
Titles include:
1. Fit
2. Pam Has a Map
3. Pop
4. Pop and the Fat Cat
5. The Hot Pan
6. The Bib
7. The Nut
8. Rob
9. Mem the Hen
10. Get the Gum
11. The Red Pen
12. The Wig
13. Pop and Len
14. The Job
15. Kit and Kim
16. Yip and Yap
17. The Vet
18. Quinn
19. The Sax
20. Buzz, Buzz