2Montessori Phonics Readers: Pre-Reader Beginning Sounds Fiction Set/12


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Phonemic awareness Pre-Reader fiction readers assist with teaching and reinforcing the understanding of sounds in words. Set includes 12 themed fiction readers each illustrated with colorful illustrations.

Each book includes 8 pages. This book set is the companion book to our Montessori Phonic Readers (L10084, L10085 and others).

These books follow a phonics letter progression, embedded with high interest text.

Each page uses the sound that is being introduced in a short, simple sentence. Includes a full color illustration of the item and sound is that is featured. For example in the first book Day on the Farm: The sentence is "C is for cow" with a corresponding photo, the next page is "L is for lamb" and so forth .

Titles and letter sounds for each book is as follows
corresponding upper case letter.

1. Day on the Farm features: c, l, t, f, d, h and p.
2. Where Do I Live? features: f, s, b, d, m and j.
3. A Day at the Beach features: w, s, b, t, u, j, and h.
4. My Family features: f, m, b, c, d, and g.
5. Breakfast Time at Home features: f, m, c, o, b, t, and e.
6. Playtime with Friends features: f, y, s, w, d, t, b.
7. Traffic Jam features: r, c, b, m, l, p and n.
8. At the Park features: p, k, b, d, l and m.
9. Mud Puddles features: r, p, b, c, j, w and m.
10. First Day at School features: g, t, a, d, b, f and h.
11. Riding My Bike features: b, r, w, s, h, p and t.
12 Jump, Jump features: f, l, p, b, j, t, and m.

Phase 1 Book Set/12 Books