Montessori Phonics Readers: Dipthongs & Digraphs NonFiction Books Set/12

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Highly recommended sequential sets for early readers. Phonics nonfiction readers introduce the next 22 letter sounds including digraphs and dipthongs.

All of these phonetically controlled stories help children learn, practice and apply phonics — independently and with growing confidence. Students will practice decoding with the phonetically controlled vocabulary. Text uses only decodable regular words progressing week by week and adds 'tricky words'. Presented with clear photographic images.

12 Books. Titles and new letter sounds for each book is as follows:
1. A Boss on a Jet: j, v, w, x
2. Zak the Zebra: y, z, zz, qu
3. The Rich King: ch, sh, ng
4. A Goat on the Road: th, ai, ee, igh, oa
5. A Good Cookbook: oi, oo (short & long)
6. A Bark in the Park: ow, ar, air, ear
7. Surfing with Dad: ur, ure
8. A Better Summer: er, or
9. Boats on the River: Reviews
10. Down at the Farmyard: Reviews
11. In Town: Reviews
12. Can You Hear: Reviews

Phase 3 readers have a strictly controlled vocabulary that follows the letter-by-letter progression. Book Band - Early 1 (red); Guided Reading Level: B-D; Reading Level: 2-5.