Cleaning: Shoe Polishing (for Leather & Sneakers) Kit Item# P10264K

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Color-coordinated kit provides two favorite kits in one! Depending upon what type of shoe exercise you would like to present; kit provides materials for either polishing leather shoes or for cleaning/washing sneakers. The adorable foot shaped brush adds extra appeal!

No need for extra polish for polishing leather! Our new shine & polish dauber is conveniently formulated with special non-toxic polish!

Kit includes stiff brush to clean mud off shoes before polishing or cleaning, wooden foot shaped brush to dust off shoe before polishing, sponge-top dauber with special polish, dish to hold dauber, stiff washable mat (color will vary), pitcher, small bowl to hold water, soap, soap holder, toothbrush for small crevices, sponge, apron, three cloths (style and color may vary) and a cut-out tray to store and carry items. Includes everything but the shoe! Colors and accessories subject to change.

Formulated shoe dauber allows for lots and lots of shoes to become shiny and polished (amount of uses depends upon the shoe and how much is applied). Cover easily turns to open and to close press cover down and turn. Some components of kit are available for sale individually.

Unlike other sets that include a wood tray, this tray is washable for long lasting use.
A bargain price too! Compare to similar products selling for over $95.00!
Ages 3+